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Tiree - Personal Trainer

A bit about Tiree

Tiree found her passion for health and fitness after enduring a weight loss journey of her own.  Not only did she learn to make healthier lifestyle choices, but she also found her passion to help others be the best versions of themselves.

Realising that the Health and Fitness industry  was the next step in where she wanted to be, in 2014 Tiree studied Personal Training Level 3 & 4  at SIT Queenstown with success. Starting out as a receptionist at Queenstown Gym, Tiree is now looking for women who are also wanting to set out on their own health and fitness journey’s.

As for her own personal goals, Tiree is aspiring to compete in women’s ‘Bikini Fitness’, taking her training to the next level. Tiree enjoys living an active lifestyle and was part of the Mammoth Freestyle snowboard team , California 2014.

 "Those who are not prepared to fail, are not  prepared to succeed!"