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Strength Circuit is a 45 minute full body workout using a bar bell, weight plates and your own body weight.  We begin with a group warm up then proceed to different stations where we focus on each muscle group for one minute with recovery inbetween. Created on site by our very own talented Kirsty Cutler, instructor extraordinaire!

A USual class consists of

  1. Your instructor will demonstrate each station, giving you time to ask questions before beginning.
  2. You will then start on one station for a set time (often changes from 30seconds - 1minute), and continue to complete the full circuit, with approximetaly 10seconds to get to your next station.
  3. Once you have completed round 1 you will get a well deserved breather. Once indicated by the instructor you will begin round 2,and complete the full circuit again. There will be at least 3 rounds with approximately 8-12 stations.
  4. You will finish with a cool down and stretch. 
Duration: 45 minutes
Exercise Type: Weight and Cardio Combined
Intensity: Medium-High
Burn Rate: No Average
Equipment: Wide Variety
Results: See Below

The benefits of Strength Circuit

This circuit class is suitable for any fitness levels of fitness and the focus is to push yourself to the next level and a new you.  Your strength and cardiovascular fitness will both definitely improve. 

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