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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can I cancel my membership?

Answer 1: Memberships can be cancelled at any time once you are out of your minimum term.  If you wish to cancel your membership but are still in your minimum term then you have a couple of options, either pay a cancellation fee of $150.00 or you can transfer your contract to another person, please contact the club for more details.

Question 2: Do I have to re-join every time my membership expires?

Answer 2: Your Direct Debit membership will automatically roll-over your payment contract unless you have specified it finishes at the term you have signed up for; in this case you will need to rejoin as you will no longer be a member at the end of the term.

Question 3: Who collects my direct debit membership payments?

Answer 3: We use a company called Debitsuccess.

Question 4: How do I contact Debitsuccess?

Answer 4: They can be contacted during business hours by phone on 0800-481-0400 or email customerservice@debitsuccess.co.nz or online debit success.

Question 5: Can someone else use my membership?

Answer 5: No, unless you have decided to transfer your membership to another person which attracts a fee of $50.00.  You will need to come into the Club to fill in a simple form along with the person who is taking over your membership.

Question 6: I will be away, how do I suspend my membership?

Answer 6: Memberships can be suspended for a time period with 10 days notice; there is a cost of $3.50 per week.  You need to visit the Club and fill out a simple form or email us at info@queenstowngym.co.nz to activate your suspension.  

Question 7: I have a direct debit membership, how do I stop my payments?

Answer 7: Providing your contracted memberhsip term has passed then stopping your direct debits are easy and you will not be liable to pay a cancellation fee.  You are required to give 10 days notice in writing to the Club either by filling in a simple form at the Club or emailing us info@queenstowngym.co.nz.

Question 8: Can I try Queenstown Gym before joining?

Answer 8: Yes, non members can come along for a single workout session $25.00 for casuals and $18.00 for students with I.D. Concession cards are also available, perfect for trying out the gym, if you decide to sign up to Queenstown Gym within the week of purchasing this casual pass, we will deduct this off the price of the memberhsip you sign up too.